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2009 Silverado Z71 100000 Mile Service

2009 Silverado Z71 100000 mile service
This page describes the 100000 mile service I performed on my 2009 Silverado Z71. The items here follow the recomended services in the owners manual. Basically this entails changing all of the drivetrain fluids and coolant along with basic maintenance inspections. If you are in a state where vehicle inspections are not required it is important to do routine system checks to make sure your vehicle isn't headed for any serious or dangerous problems ahead. The entire service can be done at home for hunddreds less than what it would cost to take it to a shop, and the the dealer 100000 mile service starts at $750 just for the fluid changes and can run well north of that if anything like a brake job gets involved.


Fluid Changes
Engine Oil
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Front and Rear Differential Fluid
Transfer Case Fluid
Engine Coolant Flush

Routine Maintenance
Grease Lubrication Points
Clean Air Filter (or replace paper filter)
Fill Washer Fluid
Check Brake Fluid
Tire Rotation
Change Spark Plugs and Wires

Vehicle Inspection
Front Brake Pads and Rotors
Rear Brake Drums and Shoes
Fuel Lines
Brake Lines
Exhaust System

The Easy Stuff

I always like to start projects with the easy stuff to build up a sense of accomplishment to motivate you through the hard parts. With this philosophy we will start here with the oil change, cleaning the filter, checking the brake fluid level and topping off the washer fluid... if these aren't self explanatory you probably want to reconsider doing this job yourself. I use Mobil 1 5W-30 (6 quarts) and filter M1-113 for the oil, a K&N recharge kit for the filter and Rain-Ex de-icer windshield washer fluid (a must for the those trips north in the winter). You're probably looking at around $45-60 total cost at this point depending on what you already have available.

Mobil 1 5w-30 and M1-113 Filter Air filter and recharge kit

Windshield washer fluid 2009 Silverado Z71

The last of the really easy things on our checklist is to get on the creeper and go around checking the brake and fuel lines and the exhaust system under the truck. Look for areas where fluid spray may have occured near line connections and for any heavy rust spots in the exhaust tubes, muffler and the welds. Mine all look clean minus some heavy crud buildup in the front wheels, I cleaned this up as best I could after taking the wheel off which allows you easy access to the grease points on the tie rod end. These are the only grease points on 2007-2013 Silverados.

Mobil 1 5w-30 and M1-113 Filter Air filter and recharge kit

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