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2004 Chevrolet Colorado LS Conversion

Colorado LS Conversion
And the final engine tear down... SKIP TO INSTALLATION >>

The Engine Build


Here on the left we have the old oil pan and gunked up baffle and pickup, we'll be replacing these with a new GM pan kit for V8 Colorados/H3s. On the right is the front cover, camshaft and old oil pump. A new LS6 camshaft was installed (not shown) and we will be replacing the oil pump with a high flow Moroso one. The front engine cover will be reused after some cleaning and replacing the gasket.

4.8 LR4 oil pan and pickup 4.8 LR4 cam and front engine cover

Here is the new gasket set, it comes with most of the gaskets required for a rebuild and a new set of headbolts. The new Moroso high volume oil pump is on the right

4.8 LR4 gasket set Moroso high volume oil pump for LS motors

After degreeing the cam the engine got a coat of Duplicolor Red engine enamel.

4.8 LR4 After applying some Duplicolor Red ceramic engine paint

New oil pump gets installed next, then over for the pan kit install.

4.8 LR4 ready for final assembly New oil defelector shield

With the defelctor and pickup in place the front cover can go on. I needed to order a cam swap gasket set as the other gasket set didn't come with a new crank seal or the front cover gasket.

4.8 LR4 with new defelctor and pickup tube Fel-Pro LS cam swap gasket set

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