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2004 Chevrolet Colorado LS Conversion

Colorado LS Conversion
Continuing on with the cylinder head removal... SKIP TO INSTALLATION >>

The Engine Build


After removing the heads everything looks good on the inside, nice smooth cylinder bores.

4.8 LR4 Engine 4.8 LR4 Engine

With the heads off you can now remove the plastic lifter braces and lifters, a small pair of pliers helps in getting the lifters out, a small rotation on the way up helps them come out easily. If they are stuck in there they could be damaged and may need to be tapped out the bottom after the camshaft is removed.

4.8 LR4 Cylinder heads after removal 4.8 LR4 Lifters and Pushrods

The block dowels can also come out with a pair of pliers pretty easily, they should be in good shape and can be reused later.

4.8 LR4 Short block after head and lifter removal (drivers side) 4.8 LR4 Short block after head and lifter removal (passengers side)

After disassembling the heads completely everything looks like it is in pretty good shape. We will be re-using the rockers, valves, valve stem locks and the spring seats and retainers. The gasket kit I ordered should have new valve seals and we will need new springs and pushrods for the LS6 cam.

706 casting bare cylinder head The valvetrain organizing tray is full

Time to flip the engine over and remove the pan, timing chain and cam.

Bottom end Timing chain

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