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2004 Chevrolet Colorado LS Conversion

This page describes the LS conversion of my 2004 Chevrolet Colorado ZQ8. The intitial build was completed in the spring of 2015 using a carb setup and the stock transmission. The stock Aisin 5 speed is rated for about 260 ft/lbs and a stock LR4 with the mods should be running about 325 ft/lbs. To date the transmission has held up admirably. The dream plan is to eventually do an EFI setup and remote mount turbo system and swap out the stock 5 speed with a TKO 500/600 to handle the extra power. The initial build is fairly low cost with just an LS6 cam and spring upgrade among some other parts which should add about 30/40 horsepower to the stock engine at the expense of the broad low end torque band of the truck motors. This is a little more suitable for a lighter weight vehicle.



Build Parts and Costs (so far)

Engine (Long Block):
4.8L LR4 Long Block Engine (craigslist) = $375
Chevrolet Performance LS6 Cam (Jegs) = $267
GM Performance LS6 Springs (ebay) = $62
Comp Cams 7.425" pushrods (ebay) = $129
GM performane hydraulic roller lifters (ebay) = $95
Knock sensor delete lifter valley block off plate (ebay) = $60
Moroso 22120 high vol oil pump (ebay) = $192
LR4 Gasket and head bolt set (ebay) = $100
GM 19212593 pan kit for H3/Colorado (ebay) = $137
Proform LS valve covers 141-262 (Summit) = $256
Fel-Pro cam swap gasket set (ebay) = $55
Valve stem seals (AutoZone) = $20
New GM crank bolt (ebay) = $10

Total = $1756

Engine completion:
Used set of coil packs and brackets (ebay) = $100
MSD 6LS ignition (ebay) = $345
MSD 39849 Plug wires (ebay) = $103
Edelbrock Perfromer RPM Intake 71187 (ebay) = $253
Powermaster 9509 XS torque starter (ebay) = $206
Factory Refurbished Holley Street Avenger 83670 (ebay) = $320
Coil relocation brackets (ebay) = $62
Holley 12-803BP fuel pressure regulator = $76
Gates 45005 water pump (ebay) = $70
Current Performance motor mounts = $150

Total = $1745

Advance Adapters 712567V Bellhousing Kit = $474
Advance Adapters 712500M flywheel and clutch kit = $627
Duralast clutch kit for 2000 Camaro SS (Autozone) = $256
3/8" Quicktime Bellhousing Spacer (Summit) = $79

Total = $1436

Grand Total = $4937

The Engine Build

I started with a stock LR4 4.8L engine I found on craigslist, I was told it was early 2000's and had about 100,000 miles on it. The original owner pulled it to put in something bigger he could tow more with so this came with no accesories, wiring harness coils or anything (except the water pump which I plan on replacing anyway) so this is a bare bones long block. You can probably find a complete one at a junkyard for this price, but this guy was right down the street from me and so convenience won out.

4.8 LR4 Engine 4.8 LR4 Engine

After a little cleaning, I removed the knock sensors and the lifter valley plate pops off pretty easily. At this point you can hand crank the engine and get a good sense that it is in pretty decent shape, everything moves smoothly.

4.8 LR4 Engine 4.8 LR4 Engine

Time to pull the valve covers, notice one is brand new... hmmmm

4.8 LR4 Engine 4.8 LR4 Engine

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